Best Gooseneck Kettle: Perfect Pour Over Every Time

Gooseneck kettles are the perfect compliment to all pour over methods of brewing coffee. If you are ready to up your extraction game, read on as we share our top picks of 2022 for Best Gooseneck Kettles!

When you think about a drink associated with a kettle, odds are you most likely think of a hot cup of tea. Although kettles are a great tool for making tea, they are also used to brew the perfect pour over coffee. Baristas and coffee connoisseurs use gooseneck kettles to create the perfect pour over when brewing a cup of coffee. Today we share our list of best gooseneck kettle so you can brew like a barista!

Ready to buy now? Here are a few of our top pick for best gooseneck kettle:

  1. SKEMIX Pour Over Coffee Makers
  2. Keebar Electric Gooseneck Kettle
  3. Elchomes Gooseneck Kettle

Brewing the perfect pour-over coffee can take practice. Although it might be more convenient to use an automatic coffee maker, you can more closely achieve your ideal cup of coffee when using a pour over method of brewing.

Gooseneck kettles are a well loved brewing tool offering precision and easy measurement went pouring water over your coffee beans. Many baristas swear by the impact a slow pour can have on your cup of coffee, with the pour over brewing technique known for maximizing the flavor and robustness of your coffee.

You may wonder why coffee brewing experts recommend a gooseneck kettle versus a traditional kettle. The main reason is that a gooseneck kettle comes equipped with a long curvy spout that allows you to accurately saturate all of your coffee grounds to begin extraction whereas a tea kettle has a wider spout that make it more difficult to direct where the water poured out of it should go.

A gooseneck kettle is a key factor in accurate coffee brewing. You will find that there a lot of gooseneck kettle options on the market today. To save you from having to pick one out of the many offered, we have compiled our top 5 list of the best gooseneck kettle for your kitchen. Read on to learn more!

Gooseneck Kettle Reviews

Having the proper gooseneck kettle is essential for creating quality pour-over coffee at home instead of spending money at your local coffee shop every day.

Gooseneck kettles come with a variety of features and options. There are stove top kettles that have built in thermometers so it is easy to know when the water is hot enough to brew with. There are also programmable electric kettles that are a great option to consider.

We have compiled a list of our best contenders for the best gooseneck kettle. Each choice is based on specific features, how they perform on a stove top or electric heater as well as what improvements they might need.

SKEMIX Pour Over Coffee Kettle – Best for Stovetop Use

You can use the SKEMIX Pour Over Coffee Kettle on any stove top, making it one of the most versatile gooseneck kettles on our list. It has a triple-level base constructed from stainless steel to keep its water at the temperatures you want. Its stainless steel surface won’t melt or rust. In addition, the built-in thermometer on its lid lets you track the temperature without guessing, reducing the chances of scorching your beans or grounds. 

Although some people may argue that its smaller size might not hold enough water for serving larger cups of coffee, its compact size is perfect for any counter or tabletop. In addition, the kettle’s beveled shape gives it a unique look that most round and slim models don’t have, emphasizing its leak-proof and airtight properties.

Things We Like:

  • A fixed thermometer on top that lets you measure the exact temperature for your coffee or tea
  • A precise spout tip that promotes controlled pouring and won’t drip extra water
  • Usable on gas, electric, induction, halogen, and ceramic stovetops
  • A stainless steel interior and exterior that won’t rust 
  • Non-slip handle for better control

Things We Don’t:

  • A small temperature gauge that’s hard to read
  • It can dent when banged hard enough on any surface

Keebar Electric Gooseneck Kettle – Best Option with Safety Features

The Keebar Electric Gooseneck Kettle has excellent safety features to help you make coffee without worrying about any kitchen accidents. For example, after your water reaches its ideal temperature set manually or with one of the unit’s five presets, it automatically turns off after five minutes, letting you save extra energy whenever you leave it plugged in.

Other features that ensure safety include a heat-resistant handle and a child lock button. You can find this button on the left side of the control panel’s LCD display screen. Holding it for two seconds prevents kids from accidentally touching the presets and getting burned. Pressing and holding it again deactivates this mode. It also has a button that keeps it warm for one hour.

Things We Like:

  • Heat-resistant handle for safer handling
  • Temperature options ranging between 158°F and 212°F you can see on the control panel’s LCD display screen
  • Five temperature presets to match your brewing preferences
  • An easy-to-use control panel with child lock and one-hour hold temperature buttons
  • Automatically shuts down after staying idle for five minutes

Things We Don’t:

  • The lid is thin and has trouble sealing tight
  • Loud beeping noise every time you press its buttons
  • No memory feature to help you access your favorite brewing temperatures

Elechomes Gooseneck Electric Kettle – Unique Interface Placement

Unlike most electric gooseneck kettles, the Elechomes doesn’t have a traditional operation panel for accessing its features. Instead, you can find its buttons located on its handle. This innovative placement of the LCD screen above the power switch and temperature controls is perfect if you want a more hand-held method for making pour-over coffee. Its spout has a skinnier diameter than others, letting you control the flow of your pouring more accurately.

Another function that is convenient is the Elechome’s Delay Start feature. You can set the time you want the kettle to warm your water the following morning with this feature. The maximum time you can set it for is 12 hours, while its minimum is an hour. You can also keep the water warm for up to two hours.

Things We Like:

  • Boil-dry feature that turns the unit off when it doesn’t detect any water
  • Easy-to-use interface located on the kettle’s ergonomic handle
  • Delay-start feature that helps you prepare coffee you can set before you sleep for faster coffee preparation
  • Sleek and modern design with a skinny 0.6-centimeter spout 
  • Easy to clean

Things We Don’t:

  • The lid gets hot after a single use
  • Its 800-millimeter capacity isn’t large enough for more than three cups of coffee

Soulhand Pour Over Kettle with Thermometer – Best Option for Induction and Electric Stovetops

Soulhand’s gooseneck kettle might be ideal for you if you have a kitchen with an electric or induction stove. Its magnetic stainless steel and aluminum bottom keep the kettle from slipping off induction stovetops and provide fast and even heating for up to 1.5 liters of water. As you heat it, keep an eye on the thermometer on its lid and keep it between 190°F and 210°F; if you prefer using Celcius, keep it between 88°C and 99°C.

While other kettles come in white, black, or metallic colors, the Soulhand offers a more colorful splash to perk up your morning. So why not make your mornings exciting when making a pour-over with your mint green kettle? However, you should also remember that some kettles might be prone to losing their color when exposed to a stovetop. So monitor it to preserve its beauty.

Things We Like:

  • Spacious 1.5-liter interior crafted with rust-free stainless steel
  • Kettle color variety for matching with your kitchen’s aesthetic
  • Crooked spout tip that pours water at a 90° angle
  • Aluminum magnetic surface for fast and even conduction
  • An integrated thermometer on the lid that lists the water temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius

Things We Don’t:

  • Outer coating is prone to scratching
  • Melting phenol resin handle

Barista Warrior Pour Over Gooseneck Coffee and Tea Kettle – Best Overall

This simple kettle is an excellent pick for most budgets and is suitable for heating a liter of water without overflowing. Equipped with an automatic temperature gauge, the Barista Warrior gives you accurate temperatures for your brew every time. In addition, it has a heating suggestion indicator between 195°F to 205°F.

This is an excellent option if you want a leak-free kettle. Its spout lets you control its pouring speed, and its base uses double-layering to keep your stove top’s heat from penetrating through it. Another feature that makes it stand out from the others is its copper-coated stainless steel build that conducts your induction or electric stove’s heat quickly.

Gas stovetops won’t work safely with the copper-coated Barista Warrior, but its traditional stainless steel variant can. Before placing this kettle on your stove or pouring it, ensure that all parts are screwed in securely, especially the thermometer and handle. The last thing you’d want while brewing is to have its handle detach from the kettle.

Things We Like:

  • An automatic temperature gauge on top that lets you monitor your brewing temperatures
  • Large 1.2-liter capacity
  • Copper-coated variant works well on induction or electric stovetops
  • Enhanced kettle base with double-layering against leaking

Things We Don’t:

  • The copper-colored variant isn’t compatible with gas stovetops
  • No advanced features
  • Thermometer and handle becomes loose

Gooseneck Kettle Education Guide

There are several aspects to weigh before deciding on the best kettle for your kitchen.
There are several aspects to weigh before deciding on the best kettle for your kitchen.

Before choosing the best gooseneck kettle for your home, there are several factors you should consider before narrowing down your options. These factors are essential to the coffee-making process and contribute to the overall longevity of the kettle. Here are a few pointers for you to consider before finding the best gooseneck kettle.

Should I Get an Electric or Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle?

Gooseneck kettles usually come in two styles: electric or stovetop. While choosing one style over another depends on your coffee-making preferences, each one has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

Stove top gooseneck kettles use gas grills as their core heating source for your coffee’s water. They can last longer than electric models because they don’t need batteries or outlets and can work on different types of stove tops, depending on the model you choose. However, one of its downsides is that it can take a little longer to boil your water.

Electric gooseneck kettles use heating elements that boil your coffee water within five minutes. As long as you have access to an electrical outlet, you can use them anywhere without a stove. Many of them also have advanced features, such as temperature holding and presets for specific coffee and tea.

Electric ones also have energy-saving auto shutdown features when left idle for a few minutes after brewing. Unfortunately, despite having dials and buttons for easy use, many tend to be more expensive than stovetop kettles.

What To Look For in a Gooseneck Kettle

Many gooseneck kettles differ from each other, so when comparing your options, you should focus on several characteristics that contribute to how well it helps you make the perfect pour-over coffee. 


When searching for a gooseneck kettle that lasts for a long time, consider the material manufacturers use to make them. Since you fill a kettle with water and heat it for every use, having one prone to rusting and warping isn’t worth it while making coffee.

Many stove top and electric gooseneck kettles are made with stainless steel because of the alloy’s resistance to rust and heat. Other popular material choices for their rust-free traits include BPA-free plastics, aluminum, and copper


Some kettles might hold more water than others, with the largest ones being over a liter. This factor depends on how much coffee you drink in the morning or throughout the day. While kettles with smaller capacities are ideal for providing as many servings as you want, a larger one is more convenient if you’re going to share them with others.

When filling it, avoid letting the water reach the top of the kettle to prevent it overflowing and accidentally splashing into your face.

Maximum Temperature Settings

Many Gooseneck Kettles allow you to boil water to the ideal brewing temperature.
Many Gooseneck Kettles allow you to boil water to the ideal brewing temperature.

The ideal brewing temperature for pour-over coffee is between 195°F to 205°F. However, your favorite brewing temperatures can vary if your gooseneck kettle can be used for other coffee brewing methods or tea. Several electric models have different maximum and minimum temperatures, and others have presets you can experiment with. 

Stovetop Compatibility

If you decide on getting a stovetop gooseneck kettle, consider the type of stove you have. Some kettles can work on any surface, while others can work on a few. For example, a kettle designed for heating on induction or electric stove tops is safer than placing it on a gas stove. 

When buying a gooseneck kettle, one complaint customers have is when it doesn’t work on their stovetop after bringing it home, interrupting their coffee routine until finding a replacement. Try looking at the kettle’s box for which surfaces you can place it on if you don’t want to risk damaging it or your kitchen during a test run. 

This factor isn’t applicable to electric gooseneck kettles because they come with heating element bases they can rest on. However, you should be careful that you don’t accidentally expose it to open flames.

Are Gooseneck Kettles Quiet?

The noise your gooseneck kettle makes should be a consideration.
The noise your gooseneck kettle makes should be a consideration.

Some stovetop kettles whistle when their water reaches its ideal boiling temperature. Electric ones may beep when you press their buttons. Thankfully, some models remedy this by installing a mute button on their control panels.

How Do I Keep My Gooseneck Kettle in Top Condition?

When using a gooseneck kettle for your daily coffee needs, it’s essential to clean it after continuous use to ensure that the quality of your pour-over doesn’t deteriorate. If not, mineral residues build up and affect your kettle’s lifespan. Thankfully, descaling your gooseneck kettle is a simple process that doesn’t require advanced tools or techniques.

We don’t recommend using disinfecting wipes or dish soap for getting rid of mineral buildup, so it would be wise for you to pour an equal amount of water and vinegar into your empty kettle until it’s about ¾ full. If you’re descaling an electric kettle, turn it off and unplug it.

After pouring them into the kettle, let it sit to dissolve the buildup. Other users prefer boiling the solution before letting it rest. Depending on how much there is, this process typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes. After enough time passes, pour the solution out of its spout to remove any mineral buildup inside the thin nozzle.

Remove and wipe the interior of the kettle’s lid. You can also let it soak for more effective results. If you don’t have vinegar on hand, lemon juice acts as an effective solution for removing calcium and other minerals from your kettle.

Cozy’s Bottom Line

Gooseneck kettles play an essential role in making high-quality pour-over coffee in the comfort of your home. The most critical features to consider are their temperature ranges, water capacity, and drainage for ensuring you don’t burn your coffee beans or leave their flavor unextracted. Although each option is excellent in its own right, this list’s best gooseneck kettle is the SKEMIX Pour Over Coffee Kettle.

It has a one-liter capacity, a triple-layered base for heating evenly and quickly, a non-slip handle, weighs less than half a pound, and is compatible with gas, electric, and induction stovetops. In addition, its built-in temperature gauge indicates when your water reaches the perfect temperature for making a pour-over coffee at home.

If you prefer using an electric gooseneck kettle for your pour-over coffee needs that’s within a cheap price range, then I recommend checking out the Elechomes Gooseneck Electric Kettle. Although it has a smaller capacity than our top pick, it heats your water faster, is lightweight, lets you set when it starts heating hours ahead, and holds its temperature for two hours.

Wishing you a hot and steamy cheers!

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