Best Green Tea K-Cups: Top Green Tea Picks for Keurig

Do you enjoy the comforting taste of green tea? We review the best green tea K-Cups for your Keurig coffee maker!

For thousands of centuries, people all over the globe have been drinking tea for the wide variety of benefits tea provides. Aside from being a comfort in a cup, teas have been known to boost immune systems, fight off inflammation and can even ward off serious disease. Read on to learn more about the best green tea k-cups for Keurig.

Ready to Buy Now? Check out our list of best green tea K-Cups:

1. Twinings of London Green Tea K-Cups (Top Pick)
2. Harney and Sons Hot Tropical Green Tea Single Serve Tea Pods
3. Maud’s Organic Jasmine Green Tea (Dazzlin’ Jasmine) K-Cups
4. Twinings of London Decaffeinated Green Tea K-Cups

One of the biggest selling points for Keurig coffee machines is its versatility in drinks and drink types offered. With a Keurig you not only have the ability to brew coffee but teas as well! 

If you are wanting to take advantage of all the benefits of tea while still utilizing an easy brewing process, Keurig is a great option to consider. With a Keurig you can enjoy a hot, fresh tea at the push of a button. 

K- Cups

A variety of Keurig K-Cups stacked on top of each other.
Keurig boasts an impressive amount of K-cups, with over 400 varieties and 60 brands available on the market today.

 For those not familiar, all Keurig machines brew with K-Cups which are coffee (or tea) that comes ready made in a pre-measured capsule. 

All that is needed when brewing with a Keurig is to select which K-Cup you want to brew, insert it in the machine, choose your brewing options and let the machine do the rest!! 

Why Green Tea?

Green tea typically originates from Japan where the leaves are steamed or China where the tea leaves are heated using a pan-firing or roasting method.

Green tea is known for being good for you due to its high amount of flavonoids. Flavonoids have many health benefits, which may include boosting heart health and reducing blood clotting. If that isn’t enough, green tea can also have impacts on a variety of cancers. 

In addition to health benefits, green tea is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can help add to your skin’s natural glow. 

If all these benefits get you excited, then we recommend you read on! Next we cover our top picks for Keurig Green Tea K-Cups. 

Best Green Tea K-Cups for Keurig

Twinings of London Green Tea (Top Pick)

Twinings, a tea company with over 300 years of expertise, is known all over the globe for their high quality tea. In fact, you can still visit their original store in Strand, London! So it comes with no surprise that  a tea backed by years of experience is our top pick for best green tea K-Cup. 

The Twinings K-Cups use a green tea referred to as “Sencha” which is known for being grown in the sun along with its many health benefits. The Twinings Sencha blend has a smooth, fresh flavor. We invite you to brew a cup, you will feel better for it!

Harney and Sons Hot Tropical Green Tea

Warm breeze, palm trees, waves crashing against the shore. If you are in the mood for something tropical than Harney and Sons Hot Tropical Green Tea is a great place to start. This tropical green tea is a blend of hand-picked green teas originating from China. The result is a smooth, bright and vibrant green tea with hints of pineapple. 

Harney and Sons is a family owned business, proud of their high quality teas. Members of the Harney family regularly visit tea regions all over the world to ensure you receive the highest quality, great tasting tea. 

You can brew a cup with confidence knowing you will not only be enjoying superior tea but also a taste of the tropics at the same time!

Maud’s Organic Jasmine Green Tea

There are not many things more relaxing than a cup of warm tea after a long day. Maud’s Organic Jasmine Green tea is a calming blend perfect for settling down at the end of a hectic day. This soothing K-Cup features a blend of green tea and jasmine, creating a sweet and aromatic cup. 

Maud’s uses only 100% authentic gourmet Organic Jasmine Green Tea that comes from premier growing regions all over the world. The tea in their K-Cups are blended in sunny San Diego, California where the quality and character of each batch is monitored for quality. 

Go head and kick your feet up and rest easy knowing you are enjoying a warm drink packed with all the good stuff!

Twinings of London Decaffeinated Green Tea  

If you want to wind down with a hot cup of tea, a decaffeinated option is a great choice! Twinings of London’s Decaf Green Tea K-Cups feature pure green tea with a fresh, smooth taste and contains the finest tea leaves many have come to expect from Twinings of London.

These K-Cups are sourced from high quality tea leaves cultivated by well known growers all over the world. So put your feet up, kick back and enjoy a cup of relaxing comfort today!

Lipton Green Tea

Thomas Lipton, the founder of Lipton Teas, is known for sharing his passion for tea all over the world. Lipton believed that all deserve access to high quality and great tasting teas. You can certainly taste this quality in Lipton’s Green Tea K-Cups.

This caffeinated green tea features a blend of chamomile, mint and green tea which results in a rich and relaxing cup of green tea that is perfect as an afternoon pick me up. Lipton’s master blenders carefully pick the fresh-pressed tea leaves used to make these K-cups ensuring a natural and relaxing cup!

Celestial Seasonings Natural Antioxidant Green Tea

If you want a heavenly brew in your cup, you can look no further! Give Celestial Seasonings Natural Antioxidant Green Tea K-Cups a try. 

This K-Cup features a traditional green tea that is blended with white tea resulting in a smooth, balanced flavor. This tea boasts natural antioxidants packed with health benefiting ingredients. You won’t be disappointed if you try this tea – it is  truly out of this world!

Happy Belly Green Tea

A grumbling, upset belly is very uncomfortable! Make your belly much happier with Happy Belly Green Tea K-Cups. This simple and economical blend of green tea provides you with a warm, yummy cup of green tea with no frills.

This is a great option for those who want a simple cup of tea that is affordable and delicious. Give it a try, your belly will thank you!

Cha4TEA Assorted Green Tea

As they say, variety is the spice of life! Cha4TEA Assorted Green Tea K-Cups brings the flavor with their assortment pack of green teas. By purchasing a box you will have the opportunity to try a variety of their most popular green tea flavors.

Each box includes four different types of green teas: green tea, jasmine green tea, oolong green tea and matcha green tea. This is a great way to try different flavors of green tea without committing to just one type. Give it a try, can’t wait to hear which one is your favorite! 

Tazo Zen Moderately Caffeinated  

If you want some zen in your day, Tazo’s Zen K-Cups are a perfect choice! This calming tea features a relaxing, refreshing flavor with bright hints of citrus that comes from a blend of lemon verbena, lemongrass, spearmint and mint. It is also 100% Kosher certified. 

Each element of this team is hand picked and never pre-blended ensuring you get to enjoy the freshest cup possible. This blend is moderately caffeinated which can awaken your senses and give you a true moment of peace during a busy day. 

Higgins & Burke Bountiful Green Tea

Awaken the dragon, you won’t regret it! Higgins and Burke Bountiful Green Tea K-Cups features a blend of Tame Dragon loose leaf tea. This fiery blend features green tea, orange peels, ginger and cranberry pieces delivering a unique and memorable flavor.

Higgins & Burke tea leaves are certified from the Ethical Tea Partnership and are also Kosher, so you can feel good about what is in your cup. If you need a dragon to help slay your day, this is the green tea for you!

Keurig Benefits And Popular Models

Keurig machine ready to brew coffee.
Keurig has fundamentally changed the coffee and tea drinking world through its revolutionary approach to providing convenience in a single serving cup. 

Want a hot, steaming cup of something delicious at the push of a button? If you answered yes, then investing in a Keurig Coffee Brewer is an ideal option for you. 

At a Glance: Our Top Keurig Coffee Makers

1. Keurig K-Elite (Best Overall)
2. K-Cafe (Most Versatile)
3. Keurig K-Select (Popular)

Keurig brewing machines can brew a wide variety of drinks, check out all of the K-Cup brewing options available at the push of a button:

Cozy’s Bottom Line

Green tea is soothing, delicious and packed with many known benefits to your health! With a Keurig, brewing green tea can be as simple as selecting your K-cup, putting it in your Keurig and brewing! 

There are a wide variety of green tea K-Cup options available on the market today. WIth our list of top picks for green tea for your Keurig we are confident you will find a blend you can love! 

Happy Sipping!

Green Tea Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Are there Keurig K-Cups for tea?

A: Yes, there are! With K-Cup teas, you have access to many different blends of tea.  

Q: What happens if I drink green tea every day?

A: According to many studies, drinking green tea can have positive impacts to your overall health and well being. Benefits that have been reported include weight loss and reduced risk for several diseases.  

Q: What is green tea?

A: Green tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant and is made from dry tea leaves. It is a very popular drink in Asian countries and has been steadily gaining in popularity throughout the world due to its numerous health benefits. 

Q: Is green tea a herbal tea?

A: No, green tea is not classified as an herbal tea. The largest difference between the two is that green tea is unfermented versus black tea which is fully fermented. 

Q: What does it mean when green tea is called Shincha?

A: “Shin” means new and “Cha” means tea. Shincha is made from tea that is picked during the first spring harvest.

Q:What is the difference between Japanese green tea and green teas from other countries such as China?

A: After being picked, green tea is processed to stop the oxidizing process of the tea leaves. In Japan, a steaming process is used to stop the oxidation while other green teas undergo a pan-parching method. The different oxidation processes affect the overall flavor of the tea. 

Cozy Conclusion

Keurig machines can brew a variety of drinks including coffee, tea and hot chocolate. If you want ultimate variety combined with absolute convenience then Keurig is the brand for you! 

Happy Drinking!

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