Best Coffee Roasters For Your Home: Ratings, Reviews & Top Picks

Not sure what coffee roaster is best? In this review we compare the top 7 models including pros and cons!

Are you looking for the best coffee roaster for your home? Buying pre-roasted coffee beans from your local grocery store may be convenient, but you are probably not getting the freshest beans possible.

If you want an excellent, rich taste, its important to understand what type of coffee bean is being used and when the coffee was roasted. Since roasted coffee beans tend to weaken shortly after roasting, its important to roast in small batches.

In order to savor the flavor Cozy recommends to only roast enough beans to last you up to 10 days. For optimal results you should wait until day 2 or 3 before drinking your freshly roasted coffee. This will give it time to degas, which means free itself of carbon dioxide and other gasses. This will also ensure your coffee gives you the flavorful taste you were searching for!

At a Glance: Cozy’s Top 3 Picks For Home Coffee Roasters

1. Fresh Roast SR540 (Top Pick)
2. Nuvo Eco Coffee Roaster (Budget Pick)
3. BocaBoca 250 (High-End Pick)

The Best Home Coffee Roasters

Coffee grinder full of coffee beans ready to grind.
Affordable coffee roasters for home use.

When it comes to roasters on the market, there are not as many widely available as other coffee appliances such as milk frothers or grinder. However, there are still several options you can pick from that will get the job done. 

You will find that there are two main types of roasters available, either manual or automatic. Manual roasters typically have a smaller bean capacity but are more affordable whereas the automatic roasters are simple and easy to use. 

Roasting your own coffee may sound intimidating at first, but with one of the following coffee roasters, the process can become quite simple. The best part is that all of these devices are affordable options that won’t break the bank.

Let’s start with our three favorites, then look at other quality options available on the market.

Fresh Roast SR540

The Fresh Roast SR540 is the ideal automatic coffee roaster for your home. 

With multiple heating options you can roast your coffee to perfection. The SR540 comes equipped with several advanced features such as a real-time temperature reader and the ability to cool the coffee beans once roasting is completed.

While other SR models only have three heating settings, the 540 has nine temperature levels and various fan settings. You can easily change these settings by turning and pressing the knob. You can also check the heat increase with the handy screen that reads the real-time temperature. 

This coffee roaster has one of the highest ratings from users and the mid-range price makes it a must-have for your home. Keep in mind that the SR540 also comes with a 1-year warranty.

However, no machine is perfect. This coffee roaster holds 4 ounces of coffee beans at a time. This is a perfect amount if you are using it just for you but can be a bit small if you are wanting to roast large batches at once. 

Also, it is important to note that if you have an earlier SR model, the chaff basket and lid are not interchangeable with this coffee roaster.


  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Advanced Features
  • 1-year warranty


  • The parts are not interchangeable with previous models
  • 4 Ounce Maximum Capacity

Nuvo Eco Roaster

Interestingly, the highest-rated coffee roaster is also the most cost friendly option. The Nuvo Eco coffee roaster is a manual roaster that is perfect for people looking to roast smaller quantities of coffee beans naturally. 

This Korean-made coffee roaster is small and circular with a leather-covered handle for secure handling. The inside has a waffle pattern that ensures equal roasting. It has an attractive aesthetic making it worthy of sitting on your counter versus storing away when not in use. 

Put the ceramic roaster on a stove burner and watch as your beans change color. During the roasting process, you can pick up the roaster and mix the beans using a figure-eight or circular motion. You can also blow into the handle to remove extra particles during the roasting process. The rear hole allows you to hear the signature popping sound that signals the stages of the coffee bean roasting process.

Overall, home coffee roasters have raved about this product as a fun and easy way to prepare your coffee beans. It may take a few tries to get used to, but it does a stellar job of roasting coffee beans. The biggest downside is the size, as it can only hold 1 to 2.5  grams of beans at one time. However, if you are roasting coffee at home, you may not need to prepare coffee in bulk.


  • Fun and easy to use
  • Inside waffle pattern ensures high-quality roasting
  • Attractive Design
  • Incredibly low cost


  • Only for small portions of coffee beans
  • Not your typical coffee roaster, so it may be hard to get used to

BocaBoca 250

If you want an elite coffee roaster, the BocaBoca 250 is perfect for you. The beautiful design and precise roasting make it worth the high price.

The roaster comes in two sizes, 250 grams or 500 grams. This option gives you the ability to roast large quantities of coffee at once. However, the price does go up an extra $300 if you opt for the option with a higher capacity.

The main body includes the roasting barrel and glass, a handle, thermometer, timer, and temperature control switch. The barrel design gives you an impeccable taste similar to beans roasted by your local barista.

This product also includes a cooling area with a wicker tray and fan to reduce the heat and remove the chaff. 

So far, the customers have been delighted with this elegant coffee roaster. The biggest downfall is the price, but it is worth it for that delicious taste. Also, the manufacturer may have to make certain parts of the coffee roaster once you place your order, delaying the process a few days.


  • Large capacity
  • Precise roasting
  • Includes cooler


  • Not all parts are ready at purchase
  • High price

Kaldi Home Roaster

Another option similar in price and style to the BocaBoca roaster is the Kaldi Home Roaster. This product is a bit cheaper, but it still produces great tasting coffee beans. The Kaldi gives you the ability to create coffeehouse quality beans revealing the best flavor in every batch of beans you roast. 

The roaster requires a gas burner, so you can either use it on your stove (it measures about 14 by eight by 22 inches) or on an outdoor heater. Many people prefer to use it outside due to the chaff that it emits. However, the design allows for adequate air circulation to not contaminate your house.

It comes with a bean hopper, probe rod, thermometer, and chaff holder. You can roast a little more than 8 ounces at once and produce a quality taste thanks to the great agitation. 

The only possible negative, because the higher price, is that it is not the easiest coffee roaster to use. If you are looking for a hands-on roaster, though, this could be great for you.


  • 250-gram capacity
  • Effective air circulation
  • Includes chaff holder, probe rode, and thermometer


  • Higher price
  • Slightly complicated to use

Kaldi Mini Size Roaster

Another great option from Kaldi is the Mini Coffee Roaster, ideal for smaller batches and spaces. This small roaster works just as well as the larger products, only without some of the add-ons.

Just like its larger counterpart, it requires a gas burner to function. Because of the small size, this would fit easily onto your kitchen stovetop or an outdoor stove. 

The rotating drum ensures an even and delicious roast, and you can monitor the process with the thermometer. 

This mini roaster is a high-quality option for smaller batches (up to 8 ounces), but you will need to take some time to see how it interacts with your heat source since every burner is different. Also, while the maximum capacity is a little over 8 ounces, you may need to roast a little less, so your beans don’t escape.


  • Small size
  • Simple design
  • Quality materials


  • Have to learn how the roaster interacts with your heat source
  • If you use too many beans, they can pop out

Non-Stick Roaster

This device from Tutu Home has a unique style in comparison to what we’ve looked at already. It resembles a crockpot in size and shape, but it is actually one of the most preferred coffee roasters.

You can roast up to 750 grams of coffee, for a very reasonable price. Inside the container, you will find a beautiful non-stick surface with rotating rods for even roasting. The non-stick base helps with both easy cleaning and roasting.

The roaster comes with a clear lid to watch how dark your beans are, and the holes give excellent air circulation. A bonus is that you can use this roaster for many foods, such as soybeans, peanuts, and melon seeds. 

A common complaint is that while the manufacturer states that it can hold up to 750 grams, the ideal capacity is around 500 grams. Also, there aren’t as many features as in other models, like a cooling rack.


  • Low price
  • Non-stick surface
  • Rotating rods for even roasting


  • Actual capacity is lower than 750 grams
  • Only a few controls and features

NESCO CR-04-13

Another quality coffee roaster for personal use is the Nesco roaster. Its compact style and very reasonable price, make it ideal for anyone looking to roast small portions of coffee at a time.

This device can roast a little more than the Nuvo, with the maximum at about 100 grams. You can choose your roast setting easily with the illuminated buttons. Also, it comes with a chaff collector and a cool down feature for simple collection and cleaning. 

The clear glass lid on this kettle-shaped roaster lets you monitor your beans’ process so you can get the perfect roast. 

Since this particular coffee roaster is small, it is only for people who don’t need to roast large batches regularly. Another common complaint is that the dark roast option on the machine doesn’t work well, so the most you may get is a medium-dark roast. Despite the cons, this is a solid option at an incredible price for personal use.


  • Affordable price
  • Includes a chaff collector
  • Easy-to-use buttons


  • Only does small quantities
  • Not ideal for dark roasts

Start Roasting at Home

If you tried roasting coffee beans at home using a popcorn machine, it’s time to put that aside and invest in a coffee roaster. A device designed for popcorn will not get you that smooth, even roast that you want, and the plastic parts may ruin the batch.

Choose any of the above options for home roasting, and you will start making fantastic batches of coffee. If you only need a small amount of coffee at a time, pick one of the smaller options, like the Nuvo or Kaldi Mini. For larger batches, go with the BocaBoca or Tutu Home roasters. Once you’ve picked your perfect device, enjoy your home-roasted coffee!

All About Coffee Roasters

There are several factors to consider when deciding on the right coffee roaster. Today Cozy breaks down things to consider when choosing the roaster for you.

How much coffee do you want to roast?

This is an important question to consider before selecting a coffee roaster. Each coffee roaster will have a limit to how many beans can be roasted at a time. 

The majority of home coffee roasters are designed to roast small amounts. Some people are able to circumvent this by roasting batches back to back. 

This can be a good solution, however, you must check that your roaster is able to perform back-to-back roasts. Many roasters are not able to because the roaster must cool down before you can roast again.

If you are planning on needing a roaster that will allow you to roast a large batch then an investment in a roaster with larger capacity should be considered. 


Where there is smoke, there are beans roasting! Smoke is a natural part of the coffee roasting process. If you prefer to roast outdoors, smoke may not be a large factor to consider. 

However, if you will be opting to roast indoors you will want to select a roaster that has a smoke suppression system that includes a vent for the smoke. 

Fluid Bed Roasters vs. Drum Roasters

Fluid bed roasters work by allowing hot air to blow into the roaster which keeps the coffee beans tumbling on fluid, or gas, while roasting. You can think of this process as similar to popping corn in a corn popper. Fluid bed roasters are the quickest option available, with the ability to roast in 8 to 12 minutes.

A drum roaster works by tumbling the coffee beans in a rotating drum with an axle that heats from the bottom. You will find that dry roasters are typically the top choice of coffee bean experts, being they have the ability to roast a much larger capacity of beans. Drum roasters typically take longer than fluid bed roasters with a roasting time of 14- 20 minutes. 

Gas-powered versus Electric Roasters

Gas-powered roasters are powered by gas. Some roasters need you to provide the burner which can oftentimes be a gas stove burner or a portable propane-powered burner.

Electric roasters have a self-contained heat source. You simply have to plug the roaster in and once it is turned on it will heat up.

If you are wanting to roast a large amount of coffee beans then you will want to opt for a gas-powered roaster. 

If you are looking for convenience, then electricity is the way to go. Just be aware, you will need to roast lower quantities in order for this method to be effective. 

Cozy’s Bottom Line

Roasting beans is the best way to bring out the flavor and aroma for your coffee. Whether you are a novice roaster or someone looking to enhance your coffee roasting skills there is a roaster out there for you. 

Happy Roasting!

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