How to Clean the Ninja Coffee Bar: Try These Simple Steps!

Are you interested in the Ninja Coffee Bar but wondering how to keep it clean? We offer expert advice that will keep your coffee brewing!

So, you caved and bought the Ninja Coffee Bar that so many people have been raving about. It’s an impressive coffee maker with exciting features like cold brew, iced coffee, and tea options. However, it can be a bit tricky when it comes time to clean the machine. Today we will provide helpful tips, teaching you how to clean the Ninja Coffee Bar!

The Ninja Coffee Bar should be cleaned and de-scaled regularly to continue working optimally. To help with this the Ninja Coffee Bar comes equipped with a cleaning light indicator that flashes on when it’s time for cleaning. 

But once that light comes on, do you know what to do?

The best feature of the Ninja Coffee Bar is that it cleans itself at the push of a button. Read on for more information on how to clean your favorite Ninja Coffee maker with confidence.

How to Clean the Ninja Coffee Bar

Its hard to know when your coffee brewer needs cleaning. However, the Ninja Coffee Bar eliminates this concern by alerting you when it’s time to clean using a light indicator. Once the indicator is triggered you should begin the cleaning cycle.

In order to clean the Ninja Coffee Bar, you’ll want to have white vinegar (or a descaling solution), water, and your Ninja Coffee Bar ready. 

Now, let’s get started.

Pour in the Descaler

White Vinegar used to clean the Ninja Coffee Bar.
White vinegar is a natural descaler that can be used to clean your Ninja Coffee Bar.

If you don’t have a specific descaling solution, don’t worry. Most people have a natural descaler in their home – white vinegar! White vinegar is a great cleaning agent due to its high acidity content. It’s made with acetic acid, which can easily dissolve dirt, grease, grime, and mineral deposits. 

First, you’ll want to start by emptying your water reservoir. Then, if using a descaling solution, pour some into the reservoir and dilute with water according to the directions on the bottle. If you opt to use white vinegar, fill up the reservoir to the 16-ounce travel mug line. Fill the rest up with water until you hit the Max Fill line.

Place the Carafe 

Ninja carafe filled with coffee.
When cleaning your coffee brewer ensure the carafe is in place to catch the vinegar as it cycles through your machine.

You don’t want to clean your coffee bar without the carafe in place, otherwise, you’ll have a mess of vinegar and water or descaler all over your kitchen. 

Take the coffee pot or carafe and place it beneath the filter basket as you would when brewing a normal cup of coffee. Select the Full Carafe brewing size on the machine.

Ninja Clean Button

Ninja Coffee Bar "clean" button.
The Ninja Coffee Bar comes equipped with a “Clean” button that allows your machine to self clean.

Ok, so there’s not a magic button on the Ninja Coffee Bar. But, there is a button that says “Clean” on the bottom right-hand portion of the machine. It’s to the left of a button that says “Stay Warm.”

Once you press “Clean,” the clock will begin to count down. The machine will automatically begin the cleaning and descaling process. 

Plan for this to take somewhere around 60 minutes, and don’t unplug the machine or turn it off before the full cleaning is completed. When it’s done, the indicator light for cleaning should turn off – that’s how you know it’s good to go!

Empty and Rinse

Rinsing Ninja water reservoir.
After each cleaning cycle be sure to thoroughly rinse the water reservoir to remove any taste of descaler or vinegar.

Just because the cleaning indicator light is no longer on, it doesn’t mean you can jump right back into using your Ninja Coffee Bar as normal. First, you’ll need to thoroughly rinse out your water reservoir. No one wants a lingering taste of vinegar or descaler in their morning coffee!

To do this, simply remove the water reservoir as you did at the beginning of the cleaning process. Next, bring the reservoir to the sink and rinse it out multiple times with clean water from the tap.

Once you’re done cleaning out the reservoir, place it back into the Ninja coffee bar. Then, you will do the same with the carafe and filter. One by one, take the parts over to the sink and give them a good rinse with fresh water to get all of the cleaning solution off the machine. 

Run the Rinse Cycle

Even after manually rinsing each part over the sink, its recommended to run another machine rinse cycle. This will help eliminate any risk of your coffee tasting like vinegar.

To do this, fill up the water reservoir with clean water and place the empty carafe beneath the filter as you would if you were making a cup of coffee. 

On the Ninja Coffee Bar, select the option that says “Full Carafe Classic Brew” and let the machine work its magic. 

Once the rinse cycle is complete, you can give everything one more quick rinse in the sink and call it done. 

You’re now ready to start enjoying your Ninja Coffee Bar again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about cleaning the other parts of your Ninja Coffee Bar or how to spot-clean as needed? We have you covered!

Should I still spot-clean in addition to running the machine cleaning cycle?

Yes! If you notice debris, mineral deposits, or grime anywhere in your coffee bar, you can wipe it down with soap and water using a soft-bristled brush or a sponge. Rinse as needed.

Can I clean it in the dishwasher?

You can’t wash the whole thing, but you can place the frothing whisk, glass carafe, brew-through lid, coffee scoop, and water reservoir on the top rack of your dishwasher for ease.

What is a descaling solution?

A descaling solution (or vinegar) can break down minerals like calcium and magnesium (from your water) that can build up in your coffee maker over time, clogging the filters and tubes.


With just a little help from you and a descaler, your Ninja Coffee Bar can work and look as good as new! Just follow the steps on how to clean Ninja Coffee Bar above with some white vinegar or a specialty descaling solution and get back to your favorite cup of coffee in the morning. 

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