Strongest K-Cup Coffee For Keurigs: Ratings & Reviews

Are you in the mood for a K-Cup with the strong caffeine? We review the top picks you have to try!

Looking for the strongest K-Cup coffee for your Keurig? You’ve come to the right place! If you like your coffee so strong that it wakes the neighbors, then look no further. In this article, we review Keurig’s strongest K Cups you should try. With the ability to decrease fatigue and elevate your mood it is no wonder why caffeine is an essential part of the day for so many. Fortunately, when brewing with Keurig you do not have to compromise your love for strong highly caffeinated coffee. See our review of the top Keurig models for K-Cups.

With a large variety of K-Cups on the market today all competing for the title of strongest, Cozy decided it was time for a little healthy competition. Without further ado we present to you the Cozy K-Cup Caffeinated Coffee Olympics! Cozy has put K-Cup’s caffeine muscles to the test! And we are excited to present to you who has come out as the victor.  Read on to learn more about who gold medaled in Cozy’s top picks for Keurigs Strongest K-Cup. 

Strongest K-Cups at a Glance

  1. Death Wish Coffee K-Cup Pods (Cozy’s Gold Medal Top Pick)
  2. Wake the Hell Up Coffee K-Cup Pods (Silver)
  3. Extra Dark Roast Napalm K-Cup Pods (Bronze)
  4. VitaCup Lightning Blend K-Cup Pods (Honorable Mention)
  5. Valhalla Java K-Cup Pods (Honorable Mention)

Still craving caffeine? Good news is we have many options in addition to the Top 5 that are worthy of your mug! See below for Cozy’s reviews of high caffeine K-Cups.

Strongest Keurig K-Cup Reviews

Strongest caffeinated K-Cup Coffee
Below are our favorite coffees for people that enjoy a stronger K-Cup from their Keurig.

Death Wish Coffee K-Cups Pods (Top Pick)

If you are on the hunt for a bold and highly caffeinated coffee with a smooth, never bitter taste then cancel the search party! You have found the one you have been seeking! With a cult following of thousands of high caffeine coffee lovers, Death Wish Coffee K- Cups boast one of the strongest, highly caffeinated coffee options on the market. What makes this coffee so beloved is that Death Wish does not compromise taste over strength. For this reason, Cozy happily joins the ranks of the many who love and adore this caffeinated amazingness in a mug. In addition, to a great taste in an exhilarating brew Death Wish Coffee K-Cups are made from certified organic fair trade beans. Give Death Wish a try, it may be the most energizing decision you make all week!

Wake the Hell Up Coffee K-Cup Pods

What’s in a name? In this case, everything!  Wake the Hell Up says all you need to know about this highly caffeinated brew. This medium-dark roasted ultra caffeinated coffee will jump start your day. This K-Cup Pod eliminates the bitter taste that can sometimes accompany strong coffee. Wake the Hell Up K-Cups are made from coffee beans roasted in small batches guaranteeing you receive the freshest highly caffeinated coffee available. For an electrifying start to your day, Cozy thinks you should Wake the Hell Up and give these K-Cups a try.

Extra Dark Roast Napalm Coffee K-Cup Pods

Extra Bold, Extra Dark, Extra Strong. Need we say more? This extra dark roast highly caffeinated brew will give you a fiery start to your morning routine. Extra Dark Roast Napalm K-Cups is made from premium 100% Arabica beans. Its hand selected and carefully roasted, resulting in a dark full-bodied cup of caffeinated perfection. With a smooth, full bodied taste that avoids bitterness this is an easy cup to fill up and take down.  

VitaCup Lightning Blend K-Cup Pods                                   

Luckily this coffee is lightning that can strike more than once! Made from 100% Arabica gourmet dark roasted coffee and supercharged with 200 MG of natural caffeine from green coffee beans it is packed with ingredients designed to energize your day. As if the extra boost of caffeine wasn’t enough, Vitacup Lightning Blend Nootropic K-Cups are also infused with a focus enhancing nootropic spice called Alpinia Galanga along with a powerhouse of essential daily vitamins that aid in energy and focus. Reach for this K-Cup any time you want to turbo charge your day.

Valhalla Java K-Cup Pods                        

These K-Cups are roasted by Death Wish Coffee and is Cozy’s top pick for strongest coffee K-Cup. Needless to say, Death Wish continues to delight caffeine consumers with this nutty, sweet yet smooth medium-dark roast coffee. Each Valhalla Java K-Cup contains 20% more coffee per capsule and is close to double the caffeine of an average K-Cup. Give them a try, you will be a java junkie in no time!

REVV Afterburner Coffee K-Cup Pods

A caffeine REVVolution is happening, and they are looking for recruits! This bold and smokey dark roasted coffee should convince you to join the ranks of caffeine lovers who enjoy the boost REVV Afterburner Coffee K-Cups provide. There is no bitter aftertaste, which makes this one caffeinated cause you can get behind!

Rude Awakening High Caffeine K-Cup Pods 

Put up your dukes, this coffee is a caffeinated punch to your day! Smooth,chocolatey and expertly roasted results in a dark, deliciously caffeinated coffee experience. With every purchase of Rude AWakening High Caffeine K-Cups a portion of profits is donated to Water4Kids. This is a nonprofit that drills wells in Uganda, India and the Philippines. Doing good while drinking delectable coffee is almost too good to be true. This is one fight we don’t want to see end!

Black Label Devils Mountain K-Cup Pods

Black Label coffee proves that the devil is in the details. This organic, full bodied dark roast blend contains two times the amount of caffeine than a regular coffee. For a smooth and powerful brew that will give any energy slump Hell try the Black Label Devils Mountain K-Cups – your day will thank you!      

Banned Coffee K-Cup Pods                             

If you are a caffeine lover the last thing you will want to do is ban this brew! Banned Coffee K-Cups pack eight full cups of regular coffee all into one resulting in a gigantic jolt of caffeine in one mug. This coffee goes down easy with a smooth, bold flavor featuring notes of berries and chocolate. Unlike many ultra-strong coffees on the market, Banned Coffee never over-roasts their beans which results in a savory fresh brewed aroma that is impossible to resist. This is one cup you won’t be able to banish, even if it was illegal.

Java Factory Double Caffeine K-Cup Pods 

Coffee with double the caffeine is da bomb! This extra bold, dark roast coffee is the strong coffee you have been seeking with double the amount of caffeine found in a regular eight ounce serving of coffee. Java Factory inspects every one of their coffee beans prior to roasting to make sure they are of the highest quality possible. If you are looking for a way to start your day with a bang Java Factory Da Bomb K-Cups are worth a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy to make a good decision when you have no bad options! Fortunately, this is the case for your coffee mug given the wide variety of high caffeine K-Cups available on the market today. Have questions about caffeine? Below Cozy provides you with the most frequently asked questions regarding caffeine to aid in your decision to invest in the strongest K-cup money can buy.  

Q: What is caffeine?

A: Caffeine is a natural stimulant that increases the speed of messages travelling between the brain and the body. It is found in seeds, nuts and leaf’s including Coffee Arabica used for coffee.

Q: How much caffeine is in an average cup of coffee? 

A: The standard 8 fluid ounce cup of coffee has approximately 120 milligrams of caffeine. However, an 8 ounce cup of coffee from a standard 2 ounce K-Cup contains between 100-140 milligrams of caffeine. 

Q: How much caffeine is in Cozy’s top pick, the Death Wish K-Cup?

A: Each Death WIsh Coffee K-Cup delivers 54.2 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce which equates to 600+ milligrams of caffeine in a 8 ounce cup.  

Q: What are the positive effects of caffeine?

A: Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant. When it reaches the brain, the most noticeable effect is increased alertness. This makes you feel more awake and less tired.

Q: How long does the effects of caffeine last?

A: Approximately 99% of the caffeine consumed reaches the bloodstream within 45 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee. The effects of caffeine can last up to five to six hours.

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