Best Latte Cups for Art: Make Beautiful Coffee Drinks

All good coffee deserves the perfect cup. Today we review our top picks for best latte cups!

What is better than great coffee? Great coffee that is also beautiful! With latte art on the rise, it is no surprise there is a demand for coffee cups that are both functional while giving you the ability to show off your artistic coffee making ability. Today we review the best latte cups for art so you can enjoy a morning masterpiece any time you want to.

Ready to buy now? Our top picks for best latte cups for art:

  1. Coffeezone Latte Art Barista Cup
  2. Bodum Bistro Double Wall Latte Art Cup
  3. Multi Color Jumbo Mugs
  4. Royal Doulton Latte Mug

What is Latte Art?

The heart is a classic latte art design.
The heart is a classic latte art design.

Latte art was first made popular in coffee shops around the world in the 1980s. Latte art is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring microfoam into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the latte. Coffee art requires only two ingredients the espresso shot and steamed milk. Classic latte art designs include hearts and the rosetta, which is a leaf design. However, for experience baristas the sky is the limit when it comes to the designs that can be made!

There are several brewing machines that allow you to not only enjoy a delicious cup but also strengthen your latte art skills. We recommend the Nespresso Creatista and Nespresso Creatista Plus, click here to learn more!

Best Latte Cups for Art

A good latte cup for coffee art is a must!
A good latte cup for coffee art is a must!

If you are going to master the art of preparing and enjoying lovely coffee drinks, then you will need a perfect latte cup. Today we share our picks for our favorite latte cups so you can be sure to always be sipping on something beautiful!

Coffeezone Latte Art Barista Cup

With the Coffeezone Latte Art Barista Cup you can make your life and your coffee colorful! We love the fact that you can buy this porcelain cup in a classic white or you can choose from many bright pops of color. We also love that this cup is designed for latte art with a generous full capacity of 10.5 ounces.

Its rounded bottom makes it easy to design beautiful latte art while its thick body keeps your lattes nice and warm. As an added bonus, this mug comes with a matching saucer for the full coffee shop at home experience!

Bodum Bistro Double Wall Latte Art Cup

We really like the Bodum Bistro Double Wall Latte cup because of its functional and beautiful features.

The Bodum is designed with heat resistant glass that is mouth blown. This results in a cup with a double wall that provides extra insulation which ensures your latte stays hot and your hands stay cool while handling your cup.

The clear cup design is ideal in that it allows you to enjoy your latte art in full view. This cup is also dishwasher safe, making cleaning up after your coffee creations as easy as possible.

Multi Color Latte Art Jumbo Mugs

Color your world and your lattes with theses gorgeous multi color jumbo mugs. A sleek black exterior compliments the primary colored interiors that will pop against your latte art.

Designed with wide handles and an extra large 16 ounce capacity these mugs are perfect for creating and sipping your favorite coffee drinks. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, making them both a convenient and colorful option.

Is color not your thing? Don’t worry these jumbo sized mugs are also available in light blue and white as well.

Royal Doulton Latte Art Cup

Want to drink coffee like a celebrity? If so, you should check out the Royal Doulton Latte Cup. Royal Doulton has been around since 1815 and boasts collaborations with many well known celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and Gordon Ramsay.

The Royal Doulton Latte Cup is generously sized with a 15 ounce capacity. Each mug features a hand-dipped glaze technique that is applied to clay creating a clean, classic design that will look beautiful next to your latte art designs. Equipped with a matching saucer its classic design will be the perfect addition to your coffee drinking routine.

Peohod Latte Art Cup

For a beautiful, modern design we recommend you check out the Peohod Latte Cup. Each mug features a marble design and an attractive gold-plated handle. Additionally, each mug comes with its own wood coaster and golden spoon.

With the ability to hold up to 10 ounces, these mugs are a great option for latte lovers.

Bosmarlin Stoneware Latte Art Cup

Bosmarlin jumbo 16 ounce mugs are a latte art lovers dream! They are designed with sturdy ceramic and feature a beautiful eye catching design that comes in four color options.

They are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them a practical yet pretty choice for your kitchen. Give them a try, we think your eyes and taste buds will thank you!

Cozy’s Conclusion

A beautiful cup of coffee can be enjoyed any time when you invest in an eye pleasing mug. We hope our selections today will help you find your perfect latte cup. Enjoy!

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