Hamilton Beach 49980A Review: Provides Single Serve and Carafe Options

This brewing machine has something for everyone at an affordable price point. Read on to learn why this coffee brewer may be the one for you!

Are you in need of a versatile coffee brewing machine? If you answered yes, then you are on the right track! Today we share with you our Hamilton Beach 49980A Review.

We think you will find this coffee brewer is easy to use, versatile and most importantly brews great tasting coffee. At an affordable price point, it is also easy on the wallet!

Unlike many single serving coffee brewers, the Hamilton Beach 49980A provides you with the ability to not only brew a single serving but also the ability to brew an entire carafe.

This versatility is what sets the Hamilton Beach 49980A apart from other coffee brewing machines. Don’t just take our word on how great this machine is, read on for our Hamilton Beach 49980A Review!

History of Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach has made household appliances since 1910.
Hamilton Beach has made household appliances since 1910.

Unlike companies that manufacturer primarily coffee brewers such as Keurig and Nespresso, Hamilton Beach is known for offering high quality home appliances and restaurant equipment. Some of their products include slow cookers, blenders, rice cookers, irons, coffee makers, grills, food processors, can openers, bread makers, and air purifiers.

In 1990 two large companies, Hamilton Beach and Proctor-Silex, came together to form one of the largest small kitchen appliances manufacturers now known as Hamilton Beach Incorporated.

Today, Hamilton Beach is constantly innovating, growing and helping its customers make everyday living simpler. Hamilton Beach company sells over $34 million appliances each year to households in Canada, America and Mexico.

Hamilton Beach 49980A Review

The Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Brewer is easy to use and versatile,
The Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Brewer is easy to use and versatile,

One of our favorite key feature we want to highlight in our Hamilton Beach 49980A Review is that it is a versatile, two way coffee maker designed to make coffee brewing as easy as possible.

The 49980A is designed with dual brewing options featuring a single-serve side and right next to it a carafe side. This gives you the option to vary the amount of coffee you brew at one time based on your need.

With the 49980A you can opt to brew a single-serve mug of coffee or a full carafe using your favorite ground coffee. However, it is important to note that this machine is not compatible with the very popular Keurig K-Cups. If you are wanting to opt for a machine that brews with K-Cups we suggest you also check out the Keurig K Elite.

Coffee Pods Versus Carafe

Keurig and Nespresso both use K-Cups or Pods that contain the coffee beans used to brew a cup of coffee. When wanting to reduce waste, a single serve brewer that uses pods is not the most environmentally friendly choice you can make.

Single serving pod coffee brewers such as Keurig and Nespresso receive criticism for creating a large amount of waste from K-Cups and Pods which cause negative impacts to the earth.

Negative environmental impacts has been one of the top criticisms of the Keurig brand. Keurig’s K-Cups are created with #7 plastic bodies as well as aluminum tops that are difficult to recycle. Additionally, K-Cups that are sent to disposal vendors are often incinerated at a plant which produces airborne pollutants. 

Nespresso Pods are also responsible for producing a high volume of aluminum waste.

If you want the ability to make a single serving cup, without all the waste, utilizing a single serve machine that don’t require pods is the way to go!

44980A Brewing Accessories

The Hamilton Beach 44980A comes equipped with many impressive accessories that make brewing easy.
The Hamilton Beach 44980A is equipped with many impressive accessories that make brewing easy.

The 44980A comes with multiple tools that makes brewing a cup of coffee as easy as possible. You will use these tools when brewing with both the single-serve or carafe.

Today, we provide you with an overview of each tool and feature that the 44980A comes equipped with.

Coffee Brew Basket 

The coffee brew basket on the carafe side of the machine is built to hold a large amount a coffee while brewing. The brew basket is designed to be removable, making it simple to fill with coffee as well as to remove in order to clean.

Permanent Mesh Filter

The single-serve side of the 44980A comes equipped with a gold-tone filter. This eliminates the need to purchase disposable filters for brewing, however, if you prefer paper filters you can still opt to use them.

The mesh filter also comes with a handle that make it easy to use the filter as a coffee scoop.

Pod Basket

The pod basket is used when you want to brew with a pod. To use, you simply place it in the single serve filter basket and then place the pod in the pod basket to brew.


The 44980A comes with a sturdy carafe that has the ability to hold a high capacity of water, 12 cups to be exact. Another feature we love about the carafe is that it is dishwasher safe, making clean up a snap!

44980A Settings and Features

The Hamilton 44980A has many features that make brewing a delicious cup as easy as a press of a button.
The 44980A has many features that make brewing a delicious cup as easy as a press of a button.

The Hamilton 44980A comes with several features and settings that makes brewing your favorite cup of coffee as easy as possible. Read on to learn more about all this machine has to offer!

Single Serve and Carafe Switch

This switch tells the machine if you want to brew a single serving or a carafe. To use it, you simply switch the button to the side that indicates what size you prefer to brew.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir is designed to support both the single serve and carafe side of the machine. The carafe side of the machine has a water reservoir that holds the maximum capacity of 12 cups. The water reservoir has a flip open lid and is located on the back of the machine, making it easy to refill with water.

The single serve side features a smaller 14 ounce water reservoir. It is designed with an accessible lid, making it easy to pour water in prior to brewing.

On the carafe side, the water reservoir holds the same 12 cups as the carafe. Its location in the back is also convenient because it is behind the machine, allowing it to be out of the way from the other working parts of the machine. There’s a flip-open lid that you can open easily to quickly and efficiently pour water into the reservoir. 


The 44980A provides you with the option to select between regular and bold brewing strengths. You will use the brew button to tell the machine which type of brew cycle you would like it to use.

The machine will default to the regular brew cycle automatically. If you would like a stronger cup you can push the brew button to select the bold option.


The Hamilton 49980A is programmable which aids in making a cup of joe as simple as possible. This brewer can be programmed to brew at any time of day, up to 24 hours in advance.

Hour and Minute Buttons 

These buttons are used to set the time that is displayed on the screen of the coffee maker. You will also use these buttons when programming the machine to brew at a set time.

Pause and Pour Feature

The pause and pour option allows you to remove the carafe during the brewing cycle to pour a cup. When the carafe is removed, the machine will automatically pause brewing while you pour your cup. Once the carafe is replaced, brewing will resume.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of pros to owning a Hamilton 44980A.
There are a lot of pros to owning a Hamilton 44980A.

There is a lot to like about the Hamilton 49980A. Here is our list of pros and cons:

Things we like:

– Durable, made of stainless steel versus plastic — Two ways to brew, with options for a single-serving up to a 12-cup carafe
– Pause and Pour Feature
– Programmable
– Parts are dishwasher safe
– Can brew with multiple size cups including travel mugs
– Removable water reservoir
– Affordable
– Regular or bold brew options

Things we don’t:

– Can’t brew on single serve and carafe side at the same time
– Unable to use Keurig K-Cups
– Some have reported a plastic taste, a good cleaning of the machine should eliminate this issue

Cozy’s Bottom Line

For coffee drinkers looking for a compact yet affordable coffee maker, the Hamilton Beach 49980A is a quality and affordable option. Its versatility in brewing a single serve or a carafe sets it apart from other coffee makers. If you are in the market for a machine that gives you a lot of features and options at an affordable price point, then the 49980A is the coffee maker for you!

If you want a machine that offers single serve and carafe brewing using K-Cups, be sure to check out the Keurig K-Duo.

Wishing you a day full of coffee and smiles! Cheers!

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