What Does the Keurig Strong Button Do?

Do you like your coffee strong? Then you need a Keurig with a Strong button in your life!

If you find yourself whispering to your coffee “Please be strong” every morning, then the Keurig Strong Button is one you need to get to know! 

Keurig typically offers the Strong Button on its higher end models and with good reason. This button has a strong impact in creating the boldest, fullest cup possible when brewing with a Keurig.

What is the Strong Button? Cozy is so glad you asked! 

Today we will break down what the Keurig Strong Button is designed to do, how it works and why you need one in your life. 

Ready to get strong? Check out our favorite Keurig Models equipped with a Strong Button:

1. Keurig K-Supreme Plus
2. Keurig K-Elite
3. Keurig K-Duo Plus

Read on to learn more about the Strong Button. It’s a game changer!

Do You Like Strong Coffee?

Strong coffee made by using Keurig's strong button.
The Keurig “Strong” button is a popular feature creating a bolder cup of coffee.

The Strong Brew button, as the name suggests, brews a bolder cup of K-Cup coffee by steeping the coffee grounds longer in water resulting in a stronger cup. This button is yet another feature that allows you to customize your cup even when brewing with a single serving brewer such as a Keurig.  

How Does the Strong Button Work?

Before explaining how the Keurig Strong Button works, it is important for you to have a basic understanding of how the Keurig Machine Brews. 

Keurig has a patented brewing process, which is considered one of the most reliable in the coffee brewer industry. 

Because of Keurig’s pressure system, you can expect the same amount of coffee to get delivered at the same, perfect temperature every time you brew. The optimal water pressure makes sure that coffee flavors are extracted consistently for each brew. 

The Keurig brewing process is very simple and is typically completed in the steps noted below: 

1. Fill up the Keurig’s reservoir with water
2. Place your mug on top of the drip tray 
3. Put your favorite K-cup brand in its designated slot
4. Close the lid tightly
5. Make your drink selections and then press the brew button to begin the brewing process
6. Your drink is ready for you to enjoy!

When you close the lid, the Keurig machine punctures the pods, so that pressurized water can pass through the K-Cup to extract optimal coffee flavors. 

The Strong Button works by slightly increasing the time it takes to brew the coffee in your K-Cup. During a normal brew cycle, a Keurig machine will brew a cup in less than a minute. 

When you opt to select the Strong Button it will increase your brew time only by 30 seconds. Seems like a short amount of time to wait for a bolder cup, doesn’t it? 

If you are one who is often brewing your cup of coffee in a hurry, don’t worry there is a very good reason for the longer brew time. In order to produce a stronger coffee in your cup, the water that comes in contact with the coffee grounds needs to steep longer. 

In order to make this happen, the Strong Button tells the Keurig brewer to release the water in pulses instead of a stream, therefore, allowing the coffee grounds to become saturated with water longer. This results in a strong, full bodied cup of coffee!

Strong Button And Caffeine

Strong coffee does not necessarily mean more caffeine.
Many think Keurig’s strong button produces more caffeine in your cup. However, the true intent of the “strong” button is to produce a bolder more flavorful cup.

Many also wonder if the Strong Button will not only result in a bolder cup, but one that contains more caffeine. 

The answer to this question is no. 

This is because the pre-measured amount of ground coffee in the K-Cup does not change, so the caffeine amount will stay the same regardless of which brewing method you choose. 

However, if you are looking for a larger caffeine boost in your mug there are a lot of high caffeine K-Cups available on the market today. 

In addition to a bolder taste, another benefit of the Strong Button is that it will produce a slightly less acidic cup. Acidity is defined as the level of acid in a substance. 

Slow-steeped brewing methods, such as using the Strong Button can lower the acidity in your coffee. Which is yet another reason why this button is a useful feature to have available to you when brewing with a Keurig.

Does the Strong Button Really Work?

The short answer is yes it does! How do we know this? 

Because we can tell you from actual real life experience. As regular Keurig users, we always opt to use the Strong Button because it is a feature that truly makes a difference in the taste and flavor of our cup.

If you think about it the way the Strong Button feature works makes a lot of sense. 

When it comes to brewing coffee the term strength is referring to the amount of dissolved solids in the coffee. During the brewing extraction process, solids are dissolved in the water resulting in coffee. 

The more dissolved solids you have, the stronger your coffee will be. 

Hence, why the Strong Button’s function of saturating the coffee beans for a longer period of time makes sense. The longer the water is in contact with the beans, the more dissolved solids will result.

Keurig Strong Button

Many love and adore their Keurig machines, however, there is no such thing as a perfect coffee brewer! One of the biggest critiques of single serve brewing machines is that they can oftentimes produce weaker cups of coffee than other brewing methods such as a percolator or drip coffee maker.

One popular method used to increase the strength of coffee when brewing with a Keurig is to brew a smaller cup size. The thought process behind this approach is that since a smaller volume of water is used to make the cup this will result in a less diluted and stronger cup. 

Does This Really Work?

Truthfully, not many notice an increased strength when brewing a smaller cup size. 

Being Keurig machines are programmed to brew coffee very quickly, there is only a small amount of time when the water used for brewing is in contact with the coffee in the K-Cup. 

Being the brewing length for a small or large cup is about the same, the resulting coffee will have a similar taste regardless of size.

This is why when the brewing time is increased, the Strong Button allows the water to be in contact with the coffee beans for a longer period of time resulting in a stronger cup every time!

Keurig New Brewing Technology

Keurig offers new MultiStream technology.
Keurig introduces its new MultiStream Technology allowing you to extract the full flavor of your coffee.

Just when we thought Keurig couldn’t get any better, they are starting the new year on an exciting note with the introduction of their new MultiStream Technology. 

MultiStream Technology is an innovative way to evenly saturate the coffee grounds in your K-Cup while brewing. This technique allows you to extract the full flavor and aroma of your coffee every time you use your Keurig!

What does this have to do with the Strong Button?

The K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus also come with a Strong Button. Making these two machines a powerhouse of robust brewing! 

Cozy’s Conclusion

The Keurig Strong Button is used to brew a bold and robust cup of coffee. It works by simply ensuring the water used for brewing has more time to steep the coffee grounds. 

This function is a great option to have for those who want a strong cup of coffee combined with the convenience of a single-serve coffee machine. The Strong Brew Button can be found on almost all premium Keurig models, and is an option we highly recommend!

Using this function will cost you an additional 30 seconds in brewing time. A small amount of time to wait for a taste that will have a big impact.

If you want to further enhance the strength of your coffee brewed in your Keurig you should also consider investing in high caffeine K-Cups. The strong K-Cups combined with the Strong Button will provide you with the boldest cup possible! Give it a try. We don’t think you will be disappointed.

Wishing you many days full of strong coffee! Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Keurig Strong Button do?

A: The Keurig Strong Brew button brews a bolder cup of K-Cup coffee by steeping the coffee grounds longer in water resulting in a stronger cup.

Q: How much longer does the Strong Button brew cycle take then a normal Keurig brew cycle?

A: The Strong Brew cycle is typically 30 seconds longer than a normal Keurig Brew Cycle.

Q: Does the amount of caffeine increase if I brew with the Strong Button?

A; No, the caffeine amount will stay the same regardless of the brewing method you opt for on the Keurig machine.

Q: Is there anything else I can do to produce a stronger cup when brewing with Keurig?

A: Yes, you can purchase stronger, high caffeine K-Cups. 

Q: What does Keurig Multi-Stream Technology do?

A: MultiStream Technology is new technology introduced by Keurig in 2021. It works by evenly saturating the coffee grounds in the K-Cup while brewing. This technique allows you to extract the full flavor and aroma of your coffee every time you use your Keurig.

Q: What models feature the new MultiStream Technology?

A: Currently, the Keurig K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus feature this technology. 

Q: What type of water should be used in a Keurig?

A: Keurig is designed to be usable with tap water. You can also use distilled water or filtered water in your Keurig. It is important to note that softened water or mineral water should never be used in a Keurig. 

Final Thoughts

Strong coffee is adored by many. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up strength when brewing with a Keurig! The Strong Button is a function that will provide you with a hot, tasty cup of bold brew in a little over a minute. We hope you love this function as much as we do!

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